Jenny from the Block is Back! – Jennifer Lopez unveils her new music video On the Floor.

On March 3rd during American Idol, Jennifer Lopez debuted her new music video, On the Floor featuring Pitbull. The new song also debuted at #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100. I have to say that J-Lo is back and better than ever. The song is fantastic! It has a great club beat and lyrics that really make you want to “get on the floor.” Not to mention Pitbull offering up some definite swag with his macho rhymes.

Can I just say that Jennifer Lopes looks fantastic! She has definitely stood the test of time. I don’t know how it is possible for the 41 year old mother of two to have such an amazing body. Jennifer Lopez must work out like a maniac. She doesn’t look like she has aged at all.

The best part is that Jennifer Lopez is back to show the world that she has still got it! I have deeply missed the heart-pounding, body moving songs of J-Lo. I have also missed watching her perform. She has a fire that few artist can pull off. With American Idol and this new music video, Jenny from the Block is truly back on the map and showing the world what she can do.

By asitton

Tortilla Dreams. – Nothing is better than a hot delicious tortilla. In fact at Rosa’s Cafe they are so good I dream about them.

Do you ever have cravings that seem to haunt you? I do! In fact I am having one right now. I am in desperate need of tortillas! In my opinion, the best place to find homemade tortilla is at Rosa’s Cafe. Rosa’s Cafe originated in West Texas, which is where I am from. It’s menu includes some really delicious and fast tex-mex favorites, not to mention queso that is to die for! But the best thing about Rosa’s Cafe are the flour tortillas that they make fresh. You can even watch them being made! They are so fluffy and flavorful that my mouth is watering as I type this.

In my home town Rosa’s is an institution. It is the place where everyone in the town goes to hang out. In a small town with not much to do, Rosa’s always seemed to be the place where everything was happening. Rosa’s was the place you went after the Friday night football games, school dances, or even just to meet up with your buddies. On a trip home to see my family, Rosa’s is the first stop I make.

So is it really the tortillas that I miss or just the memories that those tortillas reignite in my mind? The answer is both. I love the quick tex-mex food that Rosa’s is so famous for and I also love the feeling of home that it gives me. Luckily for me they just built a Rosa’s Cafe in Cedar Park, Tx. Although it is about 20 minutes from my apartment I know it will be well worth the trip. So I’m gathering up my friends from my home town that share the same love of tortillas as I do, and we are going on a road trip. It may not be exactly the same but good friends, good food, and that old familiar feeling will be enough to make it a great time.

You know you want some!

By asitton