What Won’t UT License

As a University of Texas student it seems like you can buy almost anything with the UT longhorn on it. You can get anything from apparel, jewelry, games, and even grilling tools. My personal favorite among the UT products are the pet outfits.

 However, through a little research I found that UT won’t license anything. The following is a list of items that the University will not put its name on that can be found on the UT Office of Trademark Licensing Web Page.

The following will not be licensed:

  • Stationery–business-size, letterhead paper using the name or seal of a component institution of The University of Texas System.
  • Alcoholic Beverages–distilled alcohol liquors, wines and malt liquors.
  • Inherently Dangerous Products–such as firearms, explosives, and fuels.
  • Obscene or Disparaging Products–including, but not limited to, nude photographs, caricature poster art or designs that would tend to lower the reputation or degrade the goodwill of the University as represented by the trademarks.
  • Sexually Suggestive Products–including, but not limited to, inappropriate slogans imprinted on clothing and the configuration of certain novelty items.
  • Health/Beauty Related Products–all types.
  • Staple Foods, Meats and Natural Agricultural Products–all types.

    In a world where it seems like anything is for sale it is good to see the University of Texas has standards for what it will put its name on.

By asitton

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