Aubrey Plaza Rocks NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Thursdays are my favorite night of the week! All week I look forward to watching my favorite show Parks and Recreation on Thursday nights. If you have never watched Parks and Recreation it is time to start. This show is, in my opinion, funnier than the Office. That’s right, I said FUNNIER than the Office. So what makes Parks and Recreation so hilarious? Well it’s the characters of course! April Ludgate to be exact.

The best show on TV!

My favorite character on this show is April Ludgate, the apathetic college student that works as an assistant in the Parks and Recreation office. She is extremely dry and has the wittiest one-liners. The character of April is played by comedian Aubrey Plaza, best known for her roles in movies such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Funny People. One of the best parts of Aubrey’s performance as April is that she pulls much of her inspiration for the character from her real life. April is of Puerto Rican descent and speaks Spanish very well. This part of the character was taken directly from Aubrey Plaza, as her father is from Puerto Rico. This is one of my favorite aspects of the character because it allows April to be even funnier in a more diverse and appealing way. April’s Puerto Rican heritage is often a topic of the show and it really enhances the character. Especially when April uses it to joke around with her co-workers.

Aubrey Plaza is really blowing up as an actress and comedian right now. I encourage you to follow her closely as I believe her career will only continue to grow and develop. She is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen, not to mention that she is representing for all the Latina women out there both in real life, and with her Parks and Recreation character April. Latina women are often stereotyped. I think it is people like Aubrey that can help break those stereotypes to show another side of the Latina women out there. Not to mention that while she is doing this she will make you laugh out loud with enjoyment!


By asitton

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