Jenny from the Block is Back! – Jennifer Lopez unveils her new music video On the Floor.

On March 3rd during American Idol, Jennifer Lopez debuted her new music video, On the Floor featuring Pitbull. The new song also debuted at #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100. I have to say that J-Lo is back and better than ever. The song is fantastic! It has a great club beat and lyrics that really make you want to “get on the floor.” Not to mention Pitbull offering up some definite swag with his macho rhymes.

Can I just say that Jennifer Lopes looks fantastic! She has definitely stood the test of time. I don’t know how it is possible for the 41 year old mother of two to have such an amazing body. Jennifer Lopez must work out like a maniac. She doesn’t look like she has aged at all.

The best part is that Jennifer Lopez is back to show the world that she has still got it! I have deeply missed the heart-pounding, body moving songs of J-Lo. I have also missed watching her perform. She has a fire that few artist can pull off. With American Idol and this new music video, Jenny from the Block is truly back on the map and showing the world what she can do.

By asitton

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