Dubstep takes over the world

The popularity of Dubstep, a genre of electronic music, is growing by the minute. It is even being used in advertisements. Case in point, the following commercial for Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize Cereal. This commercial features nine-year old UK Streetdance phenomenon Arizona Snow, ‘popping’, ‘locking’ and ‘tutting’ her way through a high energy street dance routine in her bedroom. I love this ad!

By asitton

My Story Through Facebook Ads

The hyper-targeting that can be achieved through Facebook is both awesome and creepy. I first started to take notice of the ads last year. When you change your status to “in a relationship” on Facebook it asks you when your relationship began. As of last year my boyfriend and I had been dating for 6 years. All of the sudden engagement ring ads starting popping up all over my Facebook. I can’t even imagine how many of these ads my boyfriend saw. One year later, my boyfriend and I became engaged and our Facebook status changed. Now I see ads for everything and anything wedding related. I have even seen ads targeted towards pregnant women! Talk about presumptuous. It is interesting to see that my Facebook ads have evolved along with my relationship. It seems that now Facebook ads are pressuring us along with our friends, to get married, have babies, etc. I’m anxious to see what Facebook ads have in mind for my life next.

By asitton

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

One of my favorite parts of celebrating Thanksgiving is watching the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Nothing compares to seeing your favorite characters blown up into giant balloons. This year as my family watched one of my cousins made the comment “why is Sonic the Hedgehog a balloon in the parade and Mario isn’t?” Most of my family agreed that having a Sonic balloon and not a Mario balloon was odd. After all, Mario is far more popular than Sonic. However, with my new media centric mind, I knew exactly the answer to my cousin’s question. The Sonic balloon is in the parade because there is probably a new Sonic game that Sega is looking to advertise. So after informing my family of the probable cause I picked up my laptop and did some research. Of course the new Sonic Generations game was released at the beginning of November. This game celebrates the 20th anniversary of the character.


I realized that media has taught me to look beyond the exterior and think about the strategic reasoning of everything I see. The balloon makes perfect sense. A new Sonic game is rolling out, and over 50 million people tune in to watch the balloons float by. At the entry cost of $190,000, the price is small compared to the impressions made. So while others might believe that the balloons in the parade represent popular figures in our culture, the truth is that those balloons have a deeper purpose than delighting the public, they are there to bring awareness.


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Aubrey Plaza Rocks NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Thursdays are my favorite night of the week! All week I look forward to watching my favorite show Parks and Recreation on Thursday nights. If you have never watched Parks and Recreation it is time to start. This show is, in my opinion, funnier than the Office. That’s right, I said FUNNIER than the Office. So what makes Parks and Recreation so hilarious? Well it’s the characters of course! April Ludgate to be exact.

The best show on TV!

My favorite character on this show is April Ludgate, the apathetic college student that works as an assistant in the Parks and Recreation office. She is extremely dry and has the wittiest one-liners. The character of April is played by comedian Aubrey Plaza, best known for her roles in movies such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Funny People. One of the best parts of Aubrey’s performance as April is that she pulls much of her inspiration for the character from her real life. April is of Puerto Rican descent and speaks Spanish very well. This part of the character was taken directly from Aubrey Plaza, as her father is from Puerto Rico. This is one of my favorite aspects of the character because it allows April to be even funnier in a more diverse and appealing way. April’s Puerto Rican heritage is often a topic of the show and it really enhances the character. Especially when April uses it to joke around with her co-workers.

Aubrey Plaza is really blowing up as an actress and comedian right now. I encourage you to follow her closely as I believe her career will only continue to grow and develop. She is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen, not to mention that she is representing for all the Latina women out there both in real life, and with her Parks and Recreation character April. Latina women are often stereotyped. I think it is people like Aubrey that can help break those stereotypes to show another side of the Latina women out there. Not to mention that while she is doing this she will make you laugh out loud with enjoyment!


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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I have to admit that I have never watched the VS Fashion show, but this year I may be persuaded to watch. You would think that the majority of viewers are male, but I know plenty of women who look forward to the event. So what is it about this fashion show that attracts so many to watch? It may be the extravagant costumes including angel wings, or the live performances, this year will be Kanye West. Maybe it is the little bit of fantasy that goes along with the event. Whatever it may be, America is obsessed with Victoria’s Secret. It is interesting to me that VS has revolutionized the women’s undergarment markets, and no other brand has even come close to its success. I would like to see Fruit of the Loom pull off a fashion show. Victoria’s Secret isn’t just a brand, it is a part of our culture. With the VS Fashion Show airing soon, I will have to tune in this year and see what all the fuss is about.

By asitton

What Won’t UT License

As a University of Texas student it seems like you can buy almost anything with the UT longhorn on it. You can get anything from apparel, jewelry, games, and even grilling tools. My personal favorite among the UT products are the pet outfits.

 However, through a little research I found that UT won’t license anything. The following is a list of items that the University will not put its name on that can be found on the UT Office of Trademark Licensing Web Page.

The following will not be licensed:

  • Stationery–business-size, letterhead paper using the name or seal of a component institution of The University of Texas System.
  • Alcoholic Beverages–distilled alcohol liquors, wines and malt liquors.
  • Inherently Dangerous Products–such as firearms, explosives, and fuels.
  • Obscene or Disparaging Products–including, but not limited to, nude photographs, caricature poster art or designs that would tend to lower the reputation or degrade the goodwill of the University as represented by the trademarks.
  • Sexually Suggestive Products–including, but not limited to, inappropriate slogans imprinted on clothing and the configuration of certain novelty items.
  • Health/Beauty Related Products–all types.
  • Staple Foods, Meats and Natural Agricultural Products–all types.

    In a world where it seems like anything is for sale it is good to see the University of Texas has standards for what it will put its name on.

By asitton

Tribeca Film Institute – TFI giving grant for American Latino Movie Makers

The Tribeca Film Insitute is a non-profit organization benefitting the arts. It was founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff in the wake of September 11, 2001.  TFI benefits filmmakers through professional development and grants. TFI is a resource for and supporter of individual artists in the field.

The grant given to American Latino movie makers is unique in that it is targeted at the Latin American community, and provides a unique opportunity for those interested in motion pictures.  The Heineken Voces Grant will be awarded to Hispanic moviemakers, for the specific purpose of creating films that reflect the unique culture of the Hispanic community.

TFI’s Documentary Programming Director, Ryan Harrington thinks “Through this partnership with Heineken we are able to address the needs of the thriving and talented community of American Latino filmmakers. We look forward to helping the selected grantees by providing benefits that will include rough and fine cut screenings, notes sessions, buyer screenings and festival and distribution planning, among many other elements.”

The following video contains information about the Tribeca Film Festival which is put on every year by the Tribeca Film Institute. The company’s mission is to provide artists with original platforms to grow the audience for their works and to broaden the point of access for consumers to enjoy independent film and other media. One way that the institute accomplishes this goal is through the Tribeca Film Festival.

The Tribeca Film Institute has really shown that they are dedicated to both the film, and the Hispanic community with this grant. Hopefully this move by TFI will be a catalyst to creating more avenues for the Latin American movie makers to flourish.

By asitton

Cruzando – A must see movie for those looking for a good laugh.

So these past two weeks I have been working on a PR plan for the DVD release of Cruzando. It is a movie about a man named Manuel trying to reach Huntsville, TX  before he is executed. Meanwhile his Manuel’s very pregnant wife is at home expecting the baby any day. I did the research and read the story synopsis but I didn’t really get a feel for the movie.

Luckily we were able to view the movie after class. I have to say that I was very surprised at how much I liked the film. Although the story seemed interesting I didn’t anticipate the film being my cup of tea. But what i found out was that this film is hilarious! I don’t usually like dark comedies, but this film was really funny. Most of all I liked that it had a lot of heart to go along with the humor.

My favorite character in the movie is Manuel’s best friend, Diego. Diego has a childlike personality that makes the two friends adventure across the border quite interesting. The many misfortunes of the pair make for a hilariously tragic tale. Sadly, we didn’t get to finish the film, but I’m really looking forward to watching the end after my class next week. I’m hoping that everything works out for Manuel and Diego, but I will have to wait to see.

So I guessed I learned that sometimes things can surprise you. I thought I wouldn’t like Cruzando, but I ended up really enjoying it. The DVD release of the movie is May 24th. So if you are looking for a laugh and to be entertained by a movie that is original, Cruzando is your movie!





By asitton

éne•bé•a – The NBA is pursuing an initiative to expand their Hispanic Market.

I honestly don’t spend much time watching sports, except for when the University of Texas is involved, hook ’em! But the other night I was flipping through channels and happened to come across the Spurs playing on ESPN. As I glanced at the score and surveyed the action of the game I noticed something odd. The jerseys that the players were wearing seemed different. After taking a hard look I saw that the team names on the jerseys were in Spanish. I had no clue as to why the jerseys had been changed, so I did some research to explain the name change.

So this is what I found out. This was part of Noche Latina, a marketing initiative launched by the NBA to expand its Hispanic Market. Noche Latina, first launched during the 2006-07 NBA season, features uniforms that display the team name as spoken by the Latin population. The Miami Heat, for example, is called “El Heat”; the San Antonio Spurs are referred to as “Los Spurs.” But there is more to Noche Latina than just a wardrobe change, during Noche Latina games, participating teams will host in-arena Latin-themed activities, including music, performances, and giveaways.

So how did I not know that the NBA did this?! I should probably watch more sports. I think this is such a creative and fun way to market to the Hispanic population. Although I was previously clueless, once my television turned to the Noche Latina ball game I was instantly intrigued and amused. I think that the NBA is really taking a look at their viewers and capitalizing on huge opportunities. Way to go NBA, or should I say éne•bé•a! This marketing initiative is smart and entertaining. I know that I will be tuning into more of these Noche Latina games, maybe I will even buy a Noche Latina jersey.

By asitton